FlytheKite Communications = Lizzie Quarterman. In addition to being an experienced writer, with a passion for helping small businesses with all their marketing needs, she is an accomplished editor and proofreader with 25 years’ experience working for top international publishers.

After gaining a degree in English, Lizzie worked in sales and marketing for several London book publishing companies, before leaving to become self-employed over 20 years ago. She started as a full-time freelance proofreader, soon adding copyediting and then on-screen editing skills. Initially working on books, mainly in the business, management, HR, training and careers fields, and on whole series of psychology textbooks, she also worked on publicity materials such as catalogues and brochures for training companies and other businesses and organisations. After a few years she also began working on a wide range of academic journal titles in the areas of psychology and the social sciences.

Building on this experience, Lizzie set up a copywriting service for business – FlytheKite Communications. This service involves writing the content for leaflets, websites etc., to help new and small businesses target their promotional materials effectively. More recently, social media content generation has been added to the list. Publications and sales & marketing departments of larger organisations, as well as website designers and social media technicians, also use her services. Lizzie can also act as a consultant, managing the printing, website development, or social media process, finding and briefing the designers, photographers, IT specialists etc., on behalf of clients, on a one-off or ongoing managed package basis.

In addition to the comprehensive writing and editing skills that Lizzie possesses, as small business in the rural Cotswolds, she understands the needs of others who are just starting out marketing their products and services, has a passion for helping them grow, and enjoys developing ongoing business relationships.